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Imagine you are driving (Sculpture 2)

Author: Julian Opie


Gallery: Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo   

Imagine you are driving is made up of 30 modular pieces creating a running track based on the children’s tracks for the cars.

The artwork is part of a cycle consisting of four elements that share the formal choices, in terms of techniques and materials used.

The building is composed of concrete modules with a core of cement mortar from coarse grain size, whose surface coating is rather smooth and polished, with a grey colour.

The artwork was produced in the factory with an industrial process, which means a concrete casting inside of wooden forms lined with a release material.

Excerpts from the technical interview to Julian Opie:

“It is a unique work. It is part of a system to which could realize a large number of similar works, but not equal. In fact it was made four works of this type, all have the same quality of material. In this case the work was designed and engineered by me following the forms of a toy based on real race tracks and then made to realize the modules in a factory. “

“The choice of materials such as concrete is related to the production of this work, it wants to be a reference that suggests to the public something more at work. Concrete refers to the roads and construction, combined with a reference to minimal art, the architecture, the childish games where you build things like sand castles. “

“Imagine you are driving you can chip, stain, crack and get dirty. We must avoid this kind of damage having great care during the transport phase, installation and storage. When handling more items together, it’s easy to slide them and they fail. The packaging requires treatment and a correct strategy, and you need to use materials that are suitable for storage, non-abrasive and dry. “

“I’m happy to help in case of need, I prefer to be involved. In some cases a restorer is the only option and we artists are amateurs. However, many of my works can be easily reproduced. In general, the work must be unique, but if his form were to change I would like to restore and even redo it no longer works. “

The interview was carried out within the project  Interview with art, by Benedetta Bodo Albaretto in collaboration with the Center of Conservation and Restoration of Venaria Reale and the Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Turin.

Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo                     Centro Conservazione e Restauro La Venaria Reale


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