• 4 November 2016
  • Project Marta's diary

Art & Law / Artissima: Project MARTA

Art&Laws Conversation “The Art “things” trade”

This is the title of the conference held at the Auction House Sant’Agostino – November the 4th, 2016 – on the occasion of the 23rd edition of Artissima.

Project MARTA participated to the third edition of the appointment Art & Laws Conversation centered on the contemporary heritage rights. The invitation gave Project MARTA the opportunity to present for the first time the purposes of the service (dedicated to collectors and to the art industry), explaining in brief the direct interview  to artist as a tool and its objectives in terms of collaboration with other specialists in the field of law and protection of artworks.

On YouTube Project MARTA channel is possible to watch the main part of the speech (in Italian).

On the same days, several appointments at Artissima with gallery owners and other protagonists of contemporary art in Turin.

Art & Law - Artissima 2016 days

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