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Francesco Sena

Francesco Sena was born in Avellino in 1966, but has lived and worked in Turin for years.

The artist has long favored the almost exclusive use of wax, which in his work takes on a value of memory, from which images spread over various levels are born, more similar to bas-reliefs than to actual paintings. Essential elements of his research are the body and the landscape, equally captured and as if imprisoned under a layer of wax, white or black. A stratification that envelops the figures like a fog and partially hides them from the observer, giving the impression of glimpsing ghosts, dark landscapes, dreamlike visions.

Among the numerous personal exhibitions and international reviews in which Sena has participated, we highlight:

Obscure existences (Galerie Italienne, Parigi, 2012); Di mille rivoli (MAM Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art, Vienna, 2010); Attraversami in 13 secondi (Galleria GAS, Torino, 2006); Come sparire completamente (Galleria Bagnai, Firenze, 2003); Punching ball (Galleria d’Arte moderna, Torino, 2001); Gran Torino (Frost Museum, Miami, 2011); Eroi Eroine. Iconologia e simulacro (Castello di Rivalta di Torino, 2010); Fragile – Terres d’empathie (Musée d’Art Moderne de Saint-Etienne, Metropoli Daejeon Museum of Art, Korea, Palazzo Falconieri Roma, 2009); Mediations (Biennale di Poznan, Polonia, 2008); Experimenta – Collezione Farnesina (Palazzo della Farnesina, Roma, 2008); Oltre i confini del corpo (Fabrika Project, Mosca 2008); Natura e metamorfosi (Urban Planning Exhibition Center, Shanghai,Beijing Creative Space Art Center, Pechino,2006)

Artworks of Francesco Sena

Via Nera

Francesco Sena

Via Nera (2)

Francesco Sena

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