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Sabine Delafon

Sabine Delafon (Grenoble, 1975) lives and works in Milan.

Sabine Delafon’s work ranges from photography to glass installations, from painting and writing to performance, passing through urban art. Art, identity, love and spirituality are the themes that intertwine in the search for her.

The main areas of her artistic research place the relationship between the individual and society and between the individual and self-awareness at the center of her poetics. She has always been fascinated by calligraphy, but through it she too reflects on values ​​in art and values ​​in general, paying particular attention to loving and religious feelings. Her practice is often conceptual and her modus operandi is focused on repetition, seriality; she also loves to let other people, other artists enter her projects. Her works take shape and meaning over the years, the time factor is therefore fundamental in her works.

Among the numerous solo exhibitions and international reviews which Sabine has participated in, we highlight:

2018: A Showcase (curated by Giuseppe Garrera, Rome); In Search of Lost Aura (edited by Paolo Toffoluti, Gradisca d’Isonzo); Again (curated by Riccardo Lisi, The Ghost Gallery, Lugano); Search my Double (edited by Fulvio Chimento, Dams, Bologna); 2017: X (The Ghost Gallery from Bessam El Asmar, Berlin); Fame (edited by Thomas Pololi, Former Prison Sant’Agata, Bergamo); Kiss (The Ghost Gallery from Golab, Milan); Be Careful (Benhadj Djilali, Berlin); 2016: The Hundred Years Gallery (curated by Jaime Valtierra, London); As! (The Ghost Gallery by Jillian Bell Irving, Paris); NoTitle (edited by Sophie Yerly, Basel); 2015: Stars (curated by Ingrid Melano, The Art Markets, Milan); Happy to see you (Artissima, Turin); 2014: Vkunstfrankfurt (Frankfurt); Glass Museum (curated by Cornelia Lauf traveling exhibition in Riihimaki, Murano, Segovia, Krakow, Stourbridge, Boda Glasbruk); 2013: Words Through Time, Time Through Word, (edited by Federica Tattoli, Artopia, Milan); Pecci Museum (curated by Domenico Quaranta & Gloria Maria Cappelletti, Milan); Search my Double (Edisyon, curated by Caglar Kanzık, Istanbul); 2012: Musée de l’Elysée (curated by Clément Chéroux, traveling exhibition in Lausanne, Brussels, Vienna); Ordinary Things (Carrie Haddad Gallery, Hudson, New York); 2011: Search My Double (Room Gallery, Milan); Surprise (curated by Lorenza Boisi, Mars, Milan); 2010: Le Rayon Vert (edited by Francesca Referza, Warehouse, Teramo); Cultivation of Neglected Tropical Fruits with Promise (Vault, Prato); 2009: From Guarene to Etna GE / 09 (curated by Filippo Maggia, Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Foundation, Guarene); Mediamatic Biennale (curated by Martin Butler & Jans Possel, Mediamatic, Amsterdam); Attenti (NotFair Gallery, Milan); 2008: Clearly Invisible – An (invisible), (curated by Filipa Ramos, Santa Monica Art Center, Barcelona); Up front Art (edited by J. Scott, New York); Expanded Unreal (edited by Camilla Boemio, Museum of caricature, Tolentino); 2007: Foundation of photography (curated by Mara Granzotto & Alberto Webber, Turin); 2006: Suite (curated by Franz Paludetto, Castello di Rivara); Here it is good (edited by Francesco Poli, Piedmont Region Offices, Turin); 2005: Passion (curated by Gabriella Serusi and Guido Curto, Biennial of Giovanni Artisti del Mediteraneo, Naples); I Love To (Turin); 350 euros (by Anna d’Agostino and Viviana Siviero, Flash art, Bologna); Africa (edited by Marina Mojana, Fabrica del Vapore, Milan); 2004: Diaries (edited by Franz Paludetto, Castello di Rivara); Babette’s lunch (edited by Olga Gambari, Cortile del Maglio, Turin); Tell me why (by Filippo Maggia, Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Foundation, Guarene); The Corridor of Art (edited by Olga Gambari, Provincial Offices, Turin); 2003: 18 x 24 (edited by Federica Rosso, 41 contemporary art, Turin); With Love (curated by Marina Mojana, Open Space Gallery, Milan); Versus IX (curated by Vezio Tomasinelli, Galleria Velan, Turin); Contemporary portrait (edited by Luca Beatrice, Villa Croce Museum, Genoa) XS (edited by Luca Beatrice and Norma Mangione, San Salvatore Gallery, Modena); Sabine Delafon, Fabrizio Orsi, Attilio Solzi (curated by Luca Beatrice, Galleria Es, Turin); 2002: Col sale (curated by Norma Mangione, Galleria in Arco, Turin); Female Photography (edited by Francesca Persano, Basic Village, Turin); Four Ways (edited by Luca Beatrice, Museum of Contemporary Art, Parma); Childhood (edited by Olga Gambari, San Giuseppe Church, Asti); 2001: Q13-Garage (edited by Alberto Zanchetta, Centro Candiani in Mestre); Details (curated by Luigi Meneghelli, Galleria La Giarina, Verona); 2000: Suite (curated by Franz Paludetto, Castello di Rivara); Mayonnese Project (curated by Alessandra Galletta and Luca Beatrice, En Plein Air Gallery, Pinerolo); -30 (curated by Olga Gambari and Andrea Busto, Ex Covento dei Cappucini, Caraglio); 1999: Proposte XIV (curated by Denis Curti, Galleria San

Artworks of Sabine Delafon

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