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Silvia Beccaria

Silvia Beccaria (1965) is a visual artist who lives and works in Turin and who uses weaving as an expressive medium.

After a BA in Philosophy and  MA in Art Therapy at the University of Turin, she attended a course under the guidance of the Dutch artist Martha Nieuwenhuijs. For years she has worked on educational projects that use art as a rehab and education tool within facilities for the disabled, prisoners and minors at risk. Later he collaborated with the Education Department of the Castello di Rivoli Museum of Contemporary Art.

Silvia Beccaria’s artistic project came to life from the concept of weaving, in its deepest meaning: it is linked to the combination of writing and storytelling. Weaving is the art of composing a texture as similar as a pen writes on a sheet of paper.

The textures are his colored brushes, she “paints” with materials that she uses to transform into interweaving filaments. In particular, she focuses on rubber, plastic, paper, and all those materials that allow her to express the concept of the work. Her main themes are nature’s magic, the visible and the invisible, the places of the memory and the beauty of language and poetry. All of them become an integral part of his stories and give life to installations that sprout from the canvas.

“The choice of manual skills connects her to experiences of the Fiber Art and to those other artists who from the 60s to nowaday have identified in the textile medium a way of communication, but actually  her works take distance from labels and movements, presenting itself with originality and content force “. (cit. Silvana Nota)

Silvia creates installations and sculptures; her works are present in private and public collections (IGAV Garuzzo Institute for the visual arts, Fiber art civic collection Author’s textures-city of Chieri, Civic collection of contemporary art-city of Moncalieri). She has participated in various exhibitions in Italy and abroad, among the others: Triennale Design Museum (Milan); Palazzo Carignano (Turin); Casina delle Civette-Museums of Villa Torlonia (Rome); Spazio Ratti-Former Church of San Francesco (Como); Center for the Arts-Casa Colombo (Jersey City, NJ, USA); Museum of the Aurelian Walls (Rome); Palazzo Collicola-Visual Arts (Spoleto, Pg); Palazzo Barolo (Turin); Vila Flor Cultural Center (Guimaraes, Portugal); Misp-Museum of 20th and 21st Century Art (St. Petersburg, Russia)

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Silvia Beccaria

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