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via Luigi Porro Lambertenghi, 3 20159 Milano

Giuseppe Pero Gallery, starts in 1995 in Torino on the initiative of Giuseppe Pero on the proposal to exhibit historical artists (Julian Schnabel, Donald Baechelr, Aldo Mondino) and the same time new generations (Tom Sachs, Tim Hawkinson, in 1997 for the first time in Italy).

In 1996 Giuseppe Pero moves 1000eventi gallery to Milan before in Via del Lauro, and in Novembre 2002 opens a new place in via Porro Lambertenghi 3.

1000eventi gallery’s policy has been to stage exhibitions by artist of different generations, alternating young and historical talian artist ( Andrea Mastrovito, Massimo Kaufmann, Fausto Gilberti, Alighiero Boetti) and foreigners ( Melissa Kretchmer, Annè Oloffson, Hervè Graumann, Carl Andre, Tony Ousler, Fred Sandback), in order to both create a dialogue and allow comparisons, as well as provide the most complete overview of contemporary art.

The exhibitions of the gallery and fairs in Italy (Artissima-Turin, Arte Fiera-Bologna) and abroad (ARCO, Art Brussels, FIAC), give both general public and in particolar young people the opportunity to experience and become familiar with the languages of contemporary art.

Artworks of the Galleria Giuseppe Pero

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