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Author: Velasco Vitali


Gallery: Collezione privata   
Materiali: ,

Children’s Corner (2), is a mixed media painting on canvas which measures 250 x 180 cm, where the canvas is  a diptych composed of a lower wire of 180 x 180 cm and an upper measuring 70 x 180 cm.

The painting shows two little boys, the artist’s sons, arranged in a state of equilibrium that seems precarious, a metaphor of reality in which the father felt to live – even if with irony and fun – in the years of their childhood. The title refers to a Debussy’s artwork that Velasco feels exactly like the time dedicated to children and their liveliness.

On the canvas, painted with oil paint, there are glued elements such as a cloth, which replaces the shorts of the upside down child, and a string. These are delicate elements, easy to detach as the pictorial surface prevents the glue to make the necessary grip, especially in the case of the applied cloth.

This painting is part of a private series dedicated to Velasco’s son, and so not for sale.

Excerpts from the technical interview to Velasco Vitali:

“I enjoyed thinking of portraits made with the loving eye that can be devoted to your children, a “Corner” as a private space, an ironic look in the middle of children’s mess , who rarely reciprocate your gaze and meet our expectations. Having an age that was not possible to have them posing – eight and ten years – I adapted the artwork to their movements, the paintings have suffered the same reversal of my life. “

“In some cases I make a sketch, a collage, a project I have in mind and that I can easily carry on in to the canvas. In this case, however, the picture is created by framework, without a precise outline. I had only the photographs of the children to refer the faces to and it took me almost a year to complete it, return on it many times, adding and taking away particulars. “

“I used linseed oil, in that period I also used white spirit or turpentine, to which I become allergic maybe because of too much exposure to them. In the past I used a specific brand, while now I can not find the same anymore. I got used to it and now I can feel the difference with other colours. The yield changes a lot and to understand its characteristics is important in order to work better. “

“The passage of time is not acceptable on the paintings as it is for the sculptures instead, but it’s already happened in some artworks that colours changed completely. Some variations are magical, very harmonious, but the colour is altered or fades it should not be acceptable, but as often there’s nothing doable it then remains an unsolvable inner pain. “

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