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Author: Alberto Tadiello


Gallery: Collezione privata   
Materiali: , ,

Elektronskal born as the transposition of the mimetic idea of a flower, it is a large tulip corolla, which is also a mixer amplifier. The artwork was designed to meet two levels of perception, one sculptural and one voiced, which is why the aesthetic component of the artwork is as important as its sound tendency.

Elektronskal consists in a bearing structure made with metal profiles in iron, which support an octagonal disc where 64 electric bells were fixed in the perforated sheet, they are enamelled of a bright red color and disposed according to its own graphics of the schematization of the atoms. The arrangement of the bells is amplified and underlined by the corolla tulip, made of MDF panels, which are big chromatically neutral elements, functional to direct its gaze from a sculptural and sound point of view. The name of the artwork comes from the technical term that synthesizes the theory regarding the disposal of items used to draw the atoms.

To make possible the installation sound component there is a very simple connection, every single bell is connected by a double cable to the electric current.

Excerpts from the technical interview to Alberto Tadiello:

“Elektronskal comes from a huge number of suggestions, ideas, notes that I have collected over time, but it was realized in 2011, after a period of residence spent in Nice – three months where I deepened my research – and especially after a month spent in Finland during spring time, period when the out phase of the biorhythm – due to twenty hours of light a day and the spectacle of nature in bloom – has strongly influenced me “

“The artwork is thought because it will work and be turned on, but at the same time it must have the power of living space and entertain the eye even in case it stops working or it is turned off.”

“To create this artwork I didn’t have any employe or consultant, because from a technical point of view the artwork is very simple […] In terms of timing I started from the basic models and sketches, during the process I came across some limitations compared to the initial idea, as always in my artwork. I mean also physical limits,  which necessarily define the contours of the artwork that is not complex in itself, but is a continuous transfer of thought and practice. “

“The electrical components and the bells are certainly more resistant, as well as the MDF panels are less at risk than the metal sheets, anyway they are really thin (they measure 6 mm), so they must be handled with caution andthey are sensitive to moisture if they come in contact with water stain. The more delicate materials in this case are the metal profiles, the angled flat bars that hold together the MDF panels, which are not treated [..] “

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