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Fanta amica Fanta

Author: Flavio Favelli


Gallery: Collezione privata   
Materiali: ,

Fanta amica Fanta is an assembly that reminds of a Russian doll, in whose heart is placed a bottle of orange Fanta from the seventies, which is contained itself in three finely decorated ceramic containers. The artwork is part of a series of hybrids between elegant tools and widely distributed products, such as soft drinks, and it was created to give a different context to these objects so important and evocative, that tell the story of Favelli, of our country, of the advertising, of the minor arts and design.

The artwork has never been exposed, but was published in the magazine Flash Art Magazine.

Excerpts from the technical interview to Flavio Favelli:

“Fanta amica Fanta was the slogan of an advertisement from the 80’s. The slogan is a complex judgment because it is fake, it is an artifact, but in the end somehow everyone believes. One day I will speak only with advertising slogans, they might be more true than proverbs, anyway they are more beautiful for sure.“

I have never been interested in vintage or markets’ things, as someone wrote, I try to find things that have some meaning for me and my time. They communicate and are complex. For example if we move them from their scope philatelist, we find out that they are very strong images that represent a country and the conception of its power, in fact there are loads of reproductions of artworks. “

“The set are Willow, Wedgwood all bought over the years, cut, composed and recomposed, inside a bottle of dark glass of orange Fanta, the Ring Bottle, one of the most imaginative objects of my life.”

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