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Author: Eracle Dartizio


Gallery: Collezione privata   
Materiali: ,

Supernova, created by artistic foundry Campagner on the artist Eracle Dartizio’s commission, is a sculptural project that represents the death of a star and the sky collapsing on itself.

The artwork combines the world’s hardest material and the thinnest and lightest fabric, as it is made of a sand casting aluminum Anticorodal and electrodeposition of Cubic Boron Nitride, together with a transfer print on Japanese superorganza.
Supernova measures 50 x 400 x 60 cm and is allocated on steel pipes whose total weight is around 50 pounds, which is why the exhibition is thought safe for the public.

Excerpts from the technical interview to Eracle Dartizio:

“I chose these materials because they are placed at both ends. The superorganza is the lightest textile that has ever been achieved, while the Cubic Boron Nitride is the hardest abrasive material and resistant, so with these two textural extremes I wanted to represent both the ethereal and light appearance of the sky and the concreteness of matter. For this reason, the exploding star was made with aluminum and electrodeposition of Cubic Boron Nitride, however the sky collapsing is given by a veil of superorganza runny towards the earth. “

“I always try to do with my skills everything I can, then for everything I can’t do alone I turn to outside workers. For example the mergers I have them made in some artistic foundries, I work forms at the beginning but still I have to lean on realities that have availability and the machinery to finish the work. “

“I value more the workability of the material compared to how it can be preserved. I must say that all the artwork I’ve done so far have involved stable materials, so I have not yet raised the issue. In this case the superorganza is the most delicate component to handle, both because it is necessary to avoid accidental damage and because printing may fade for example due to a non suitable illumination. “

“The Supernova problem is about the artwork accessibility, that means that it has happened that we could not guarantee the right distance between the viewer and the artwork. Please note that curiosity gratifies me, if someone approaches to my artwork for me is good, it means that they are interested, however, we must remember that Supernova has a point of unstable equilibrium, centre of gravity and a delicate challenging.”

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