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Author: Silvia Beccaria


Gallery: Proprietà dell'artista   

Unfildivoce is an installation designed in 2018 and composed of two elements woven by loom and embroidered by hand.

The two elements measure 55 cm x 300 cm and 55 cm x 330 cm, and both contain 4 songs. It is a text-work that has been thought and must be read in its length, starting from the bottom and moving upwards for each element.

Unfildivoce was born from the reading of a booklet entitled “Filande, filandine, filandere” that was suggested to me by the artist Patrizia Bonardi, who was organizing an exhibition called Pane Nero at the BACS Arts and e Society (cultural association), that was focused on the conditions of female workers of the past and present. The exhibition was organized in the occasion of the International Day against Women Violence .

“The text of the booklet inspired me for the creation of Unfildivoce, and it made me reflect on the double value of speech and song, which is capable of exorcising pain and fatigue. ” The title of the work refers to the song and, at the same time, to the female condition.”

Extracts from the interview with Silvia Beccaria:

“To weave is for me to put together, to unite what is broken up, to connect, to reconstruct. Not being a painter, my colors are the materials, they are the ones that allow me to express concepts and emotions. I choose ductile and malleable materials, which can be dismantled and reassembled, as I transform them into textures, into something that can be intertwined. ”

“I printed these lyrics on semi-rigid opaline paper as I wanted a support that I could model in reverse, and thus evoke a kind of musical disparate. The paper format (A3) allowed me to set a font of variable size between 46 and 50, chosen so that the embroidery was not too small and complex, declined in four different types of fonts to better distinguish the songs. “

“The two pieces must be slightly overlapped and at a distance of about 25 cm from each other, the shadow of the installation must reflect on the wall due to a beam of grazing light, so they should not be installed more than 50 about cm away from the wall. “

“Unfortunately, nothing can be replaced in the event of damage, I could think of saving the embroidered paper if the weave was torn and save the text”

The technical consultancy is provided by Paolo Gili

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