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Maurizio Vetrugno

Born in Sant’Antonino di Susa in 1957, he lives and works in Turin.

In the poetry of Maurizio Vetrugno there are objects, embroidery, paintings, installations, videos, sculptures, “detectors” of – through the artist’s interpolation – the way that everything connects with everything.

Suggestions all coming from areas far away: the punk-rock world, religion, blasphemy, mathematics, sociology, which are combined in a great game of aesthetic and semantic relations, conducted with the delicate and light hand of Maurizio Vetrugno.

Vetrugno’s personal exhibitions:

ABC – Art Berlin Contemporary, 2013 – Nature Morte Gallery, Berlin, “Love, Commas and Asterisks” – Blum & Poe Gallery, Los Angeles, USA (2012), “Lead Baloon” – Church of the Magdalene, Alba and “Meteorite in the Garden” – Fondazione Merz, Turin (2011), “Les paramours” – Photo & Contemporary, Turin (2009), “Part false part true” – Ministry of Taste, Marrakesh (2003), Galerie Blancpain Stepczynski, Geneva (1997), “Electricity Comes from Other Planets “- Rebaudengo (1995),” Maurizio Vetrugno “- Castello di Rivara-Centre of Contemporary Art (1989)

Vetrugno’s group exhibitions: BAM Biennale d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea del Piemonte 2014 – L’Imbiancheria del Vajro, Torino, “Portable” – Biasa Art Space, Bali, Indonesia, “Preziosa Opera” – Villa Scalcabrozzi, Valenza, Italy, “Shit and Die” – Palazzo Cavour, Torino nel 2014, “Emphatism” – Studio 522, New York, “Pesca alla Trota in America” – Guido Costa Project Torino, “Poses and Views” – Nature Morte Berlin, Berlin, Germany nel 2013, “Il Perturbante” – Guido Costa Project, Torino nel 2012, “What’s so funny about peace, love and understanding?” – Rossi & Rossi Contemporary, London nel 2011.

Artworks of Maurizio Vetrugno

I feel mysterious today

Maurizio Vetrugno

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Maurizio Vetrugno

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