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Fabiola Rocco

Restorer specialized in the recovery of artefacts painted on textile and wooden support, furniture and wood sculptures, manufactured in synthetic materials and worked, assembled and / or painted. Graduated in Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage at the “La Venaria Reale” Center for Conservation and Restoration Foundation with 110/110 cum laude and academic mention, she has had experience in contemporary art, in particular by restoring a sculpture in papier-maché of artist Sarah Lucas – participating in conferences and presentation days of the same -, a work with a metal component by Alberto Tadiello, a cement installation by Julian Opie, a nature carpet by Piero Gilardi.

Paolo Gili

Paolo Gili

Restorer specialized in the recovery of artefacts painted on textile and wooden support, furniture and wood sculptures, manufactured in synthetic materials and worked, assembled and / or painted. Graduated with a profit in Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage at the “La Venaria Reale” Center for Conservation and Restoration, since 2004 he has collaborated with the Laboratiorio Giovine and De Vero, where he has been responsible for the multispectral diagnostic laboratory since 2009. He perfected his contemporary approach by measuring himself on the corpus of Pinot Gallizio, works by Ruggeri, Davico, Carol Rama, Gastini, De Chirico, Appel Karel, Parmeggiani, Casorati.rpus di Pinot Gallizio, opere di Ruggeri, Davico, Carol Rama, Gastini, De Chirico, Appel Karel, Parmeggiani, Casorati.

Mnemosyne – services and advice for Cultural Heritage

Mnemosyne is a group of professionals whose interdisciplinary and innovative approach makes it possible to offer its clients various types of advice and professional and highly specialized services in the field of art and cultural heritage. Mnemosyne is a unique referent with the customer, coordinating more professional figures that belong to it and contribute to the planning and intervention phases. In many contexts it is also difficult to access advanced work techniques, remaining these destined almost exclusively to an elite target. Mnemosyne, on the other hand, makes all high-profile and affordable services available to all customers.

Leonardo De Bortoli

Leonardo De Bortoli

Specialized in wood restoration, he has been working in Turin since 2011. He qualified as a senior restoration technician in 2010 at the San Carlo Schools of Turin. In 2012 he specialized in the restoration and conservation of modern furniture, attending a course in collaboration with the Polytechnic of Turin and the CCR “La Venaria Reale”. Here he works within the Restoration Center on design objects from the ADI collection of the “Compasso d’oro”.
Taking advantage of the skills acquired in the restoration of antique sculptures and furniture, the network of contacts with the artisan world of Turin and the study of projects and materials of modern and contemporary production, he was able to deal with objects by Giò Ponti, Isamu Noguchi , Ettore Sottsass and Carlo Mollino.

Antonio Rava

Antonio Rava

Restorer specialized in the restoration of contemporary art with headquarters and laboratory in Turin. Graduated from the Central Institute of Restoration in Rome in 1978 and graduated in architecture at the Polytechnic of Turin, he addressed the theme of restoration of the contemporary from 1979 at the New York University, Department of Conservation, with a Fullbright scholarship. He works on works by Anselm Kiefer, Pinot Gallizio, Lucio Fontana, Carol Rama, artists of poor art, in particular Piero Gilardi, Pino Pascali, Giulio Turcato and many other Italian and foreign artists. He works in situ on contemporary murals, installations and public art. He is professor of contemporary restoration at the “La Venaria Reale” Conservation and Restoration Center.

Claudia Carpenito

Claudia Carpenito

Claudia Carpenito opens in Reggio Emilia her laboratory for the restoration and conservation of works of art in 1991, with a specialization on polychrome wooden artefacts and paintings on canvas, soon after she became a restorer of works of art obtained at the school for the Valorisation of the artistic and historical heritage of Botticino Sera (BS).
Since 2000 the laboratory has opened up to the problems of the restoration of contemporary art and beyond the conservation tout court lends consultancy directly to the artists in the production of the works, providing them with its wealth of technical knowledge and its network of artisan excellences, supporting them in the evaluation, conservation and archiving process of the works.


Gloria Valentini

Restorer specialized in the restoration of artefacts painted on textile and wooden support, polychrome wooden sculptures and artifacts in synthetic and worked materials, assembled and / or paintings.
Graduated in Conservation of Cultural Heritage with honors at the “Aldo Galli – IED” Academy of Fine Arts in Como, she collaborates with several galleries facing first hand the theme of the cataloging and documentation of the contemporary.
In particular he explores the theme of the conservation of plastic materials, approaching works such as the “Scrolls” by Carla Accardi and the “Structures Acentriche” by Gianni Colombo, and the cleaning of synthetic pictorial films through the study of Remo Bianco’s paintings.


Angelo Nese

Graduated in comparative literature at the University of Turin, he obtained a MSc in modern and contemporary art criticism at the University of Edinburgh, with a thesis on the representation of globalization in contemporary art through the representation of space.
He was editor and head of the production of academic and academic dissatisfaction for numerous Italian publishers. He worked as an English teacher in China and assistant curator at the Gallery of Modern Art, in Glasgow. At GoMA, he contributed to the selection of texts and documentaries for the Please Turn Us On exhibition and to the search for artists and works for Polygraphs, an exhibition based on Hito Steyerl’s Abstract video and the re-description of historical facts through the art.


Elisabetta Canna

Graduated in History of Art at the University of Turin in 2003, after a restoration course promoted by the Piedmont region, she specialized in conservation and restoration of wall paintings at the SUPSI in Lugano and the Opificio delle Pietre Dure in Florence. From 2008 to 2014 he worked for Anna Lucchini, with whom he restores the cycle of the Queen Teodolinda in the Duomo of Monza, the Crucifix attributed to Giotto and his sinopia, in the Church of San Gottardo in Milan. He deepens the study of works on textile support through targeted refresher courses with P. Cremonesi first and R. Wolbers then, with which he begins the journey on the contemporary. Since 2015 he is a freelancer; Kermes numero 100 publishes his speech on Fata Morgana, polymaterical work of Carol Rama, (Mappe e segni), 2004.


Ars Movendi Es Logistica

ARS MOVENDI E. S. Logistica Florence was founded in April 1999 according to the precise wishes of Marco Fusi, founding partner and current director of the company. The company philosophy is based on the experience and professionalism of the owner, gained in the field since 1985. Ars Movendi since 2002 has an internal carpentry department, aimed at consolidating its expertise in the work done: the work is not only transported with care, but it is first put in safety with specially made packaging and treated in every detail. In this way it is possible to respond to the different needs of customers, thanks also to another strong point of the company, which has conceived and realized Safebox tailored and for every situation.


Angelica Rauseo

Enabled to the profession of Restorer of Cultural Heritage at IED-Aldo Galli Academy of Como with a specialization on stone materials and decorated surfaces of architecture. He collaborated with the Aconerre snc company for the restoration of the Tornacoro in the Cathedral of Milan, intervened in the restoration of the apse of the Cathedral of Pavia and in the dome of the Church of Santa Maria dei Miracoli at San Celso in Milan. Interested in issues related to urban art, she deepened the aforementioned topics through the study and restoration of Blu Senza Titolo – the subject of her graduation thesis – and Ericailcane at the Milan Contemporary Art Pavilion, and started a collaboration with the Vicolo Folletto Art Factories Gallery in Reggio Emilia together with other professionals involved in the preservation of urban creativity.

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