What do we do

Interview with Art – presentation of the new seminary to the Conservation and Restoration Center of Venaria Reale

The idea of the project has been defined in years of experience in contact with the contemporary artistic production, considering some important shortcomings found by different operators in the conservative system. The integrity of the artworks in time and with the transport, it can be undermined by multiple factors.

Some examples:

–    a tendency to travel hard contemporary art, this often happens without the necessary precautions or suitable packaging;
–    setting up in poor environmental conditions, both in public and private spaces;
–    inappropriate handling of artworks;
–    the makeshift maintenance methodologies.

Other issues are related to the intrinsic nature of the artworks, which are made using unusual materials and do not have an established treatment. Some materials are often borrowed from extraneous fields to the traditional ones of the artistic field, such as industrial and more.

Do you want protect your artworks with Project Marta?


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