Project Marta – Monitoring Art Archive‘s data sheet is a document drawn up on the basis of preliminary research to deepen the artist’s exhibition and stylistic path, the nature of the work and its meaning, which are deepened during the technical interview with its creator. At the end of the interview, the collected data will be further evaluated and completed with the collaboration of Project Marta’s technical consultants – restorers, conservators, fitters, transporters etc.

The data-sheet is divided into four main sections:

  1. Specifications of the artwork:
    basic characteristics are explored – from dimensions to weight to the number of compositional elements, from the artist’s history to the exhibition’s history, from its meaning to the evolution of the creative path.
  1. Technique and materials used: deepening on the motivations related to the choice, commercial names, compositions and mixtures, suppliers and collaborators, characteristics of durability of the work
  1. Relationship with the public/user and with the space:
    exhibition standards, environmental parameters, instructions for setting up and dismantling, packaging and transport instructions
  1. Ordinary and extra-ordinary maintenance: storage and maintenance, preservation history of the work, measures relating to restoration already taken or that may occur in the future

The closing of the Project Marta data-sheet shows the consent on the methods of maintenance of the works, drawn up by a legal expert in the field of art and including rules regarding the authorship of the document, the confidentiality of the information produced and the methods of use of the same.

Once the data-sheet is completed, it will be signed by the Project Marta representative and by the artist who produced the analyzed work, it is a test document of the artist’s intentions regarding the treatment of the work, as well as reference for a in-depth knowledge of the materials and techniques used.

The cards may be accompanied by technical videos that follow the steps above, in some cases very laborious and useful to document.

As for the costs of the service offered by Project Marta in the form of a catalog of the works, we invite you to consult the PRICE LIST.

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