What we do

Project Marta Archive is a constantly growing research source, an exhaustive benchmark for conservation of contemporary artwork and for managing the various materials involved in art by contemporary artists.

A way to learn about, protect and preserve the artworks through direct contact with the artists, translated into an easy and quick technical data sheet.


An archive of contemporary artworks complete of creative insights, technical characteristics, indications for their maintenance over time


An archive of national and international artists, whose answers to Project Marta’s questions are helping the art world to ensure the durability of their artworks


An archive of public and private institutions that use and promote Project Marta as a technical instrument in support of collectors and experts


An archive of reference materials chosen and used in the creation of works of contemporary art, their specific strengths and Achilles' heels points

Why us?

Because the contemporary art materials are endless, just like the potential of the artists who live our present and our future.
There are no physical or chemical limits that cannot be challenged, however there are structural rules and directions that make the faith to keep the artwork to its fullest potential.
Project Marta collects in one document all the specifications necessary for the understanding and conservation of each individual analyzed artwork.

Do you want protect your artworks with Project Marta?


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