• 25 February 2019
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Project MARTA and TAGSMART together in 2019

This year has just begun and has already reserved, for Project MARTA, excellent surprises. While many are still under construction, the partnership with TAGSMART officially starts today.

This is a meeting, the one between the two projects, which combines two different experiences, both strongly dedicated to the improvement of benchmarks in the art world. Both are born from specialized players and both are strongly directed towards innovation and the search for concrete answers to issues that are too often not addressed, if not in an empirical way.

So, today, we can welcome TAGSMART in our network, and be very happy and honored to be a part of it. To find out more about the service, developed by a London startup and now operating for two years, we refer you directly to our “network” page and to their site: it is a service that, like Project MARTA, connects different actors of the artistic world, making certifications of authenticity and cataloging of works safe and validated on the basis of new technologies; and offering artists a powerful tool for the commercialization of their work.

Project MARTA thus becomes part of an international project, always maintaining its own nature and vocation: continuing to deepen the conservation and the importance, during all the life of the artwork, of a “baggage” of information and concepts derived directly from its creator and reworked by the main professional figures that may concern it.

Always confident that the union of experiences, professionalism and new approaches can improve the sector that we are passionate about, today we can offer our artists, our galleries and our fans an extra frontier to cross! And the news does not end here … but for now there is already enough to talk about!

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