Project Marta – Monitoring Art Archive was founded by the project and the cooperation of Benedetta Bodo Albaretto, specialized in conservation of artwork , with other professionals focused in complementary areas of contemporary artwork.

A dynamic and modular team, engaged on several fronts for the preservation and promotion of cultural heritage, ranging from restoration, creation of multimedia materials for education and outreach. The project, designed by Benedetta, is supported by the Association You and Partners APS.

Project Marta aims to improve the chances of the artwork conservation, multiplying – in order to sharing knowledge – our possibilities and information about the materials used and about the studies already carried out on it.

Project Marta uses the direct instrument of the interview with artist to collect any information necessary to know in depth the artworks, for fitting them, store them, transport them and pack them properly. Through interview with artist it will be explored the meaning and the search process that led to the production of the artwork, recording the characteristics of compositional elements and clarify the relationship between artwork and viewer. The interviews may be illustrated by video relating to the various life stages of the artwork as its creation, or of practical interest such as fitting into an exhibition, packing or unpacking artwork. The model for each interview follows a basic standard, together with additional questions that will be developed as a result of research on the artist’s career, his experiments and by comparing them with the gradually material collected by Project Marta.

The Project Marta final product is a technical data sheet (text + optional video) that describing the whole “life” of the artwork, enables a comprehensive knowledge of conservation methodologies, preparation and work shift. Through the portal Project Marta, technical data sheets will be available in an agile, immediate and enable search for specific information by all those involved in the management and protection artwork.

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