Street Marta

Street Marta – Monitoring Art Archive is a spin-off project that took shape within Project Marta encouraged by the working group formed at the beginning of 2018 and presented on the occasion of the Artefiera 2018 weekend with the intervention “Al di là del Muro “.

The group’s intent is to compare experiences and knowledge on the methods of conservation and museification of urban art, and share them by producing literature that is in the public domain and useful. In this regard, Project Marta – Monitoring Art Archive focuses above all on the preventive conservation and maintenance of artworks, of any kind, and therefore also urban artworks, only apparently destined to be lost in a short time.

To carry out this task in the best possible way, the artists are directly involved and, again through interviews, we reconstruct together the processing and research phases, the motivations behind the choice of techniques and materials, the actual production and delivery of their works to the world. In the case of movable and collectible works, this last point refers to the methods of transport, packaging and set-up, while in the case of urban art we are talking about the street and therefore about other criteria, completely different from each other even if no less attentive to guarantee the durability of the walls over time.

Because obviously not all urban art is illegal, abusive, a provocation or perhaps a vandal gesture, and therefore consuming itself and disappearing in a short time is not necessarily its destiny.

Do you want protect your artworks with Project Marta?


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