• 29 November 2016
  • Project Marta's diary

Deepening the legalities… meeting with Ajani

2016, November the 16th – Meeting with the Rector of the University of Turin, prof. Gianmaria Ajani

The 16th of November, Project MARTA met the Rector of the University of Turin, prof. Gianmaria Ajani, expert in contemporary art rights, member of the Scientific Commitee of the First International Summer School (scheduled for July 2017, in partnership with the Centro di Conservazione e Restauto “La Venaria Reale”, sponsored by the University of Milan Bicocca, Piedmont Region, City of Turin and with the valuable support of Intesa Sanpaolo).

The deepening of legal issues dealt with by Project MARTA has met the interest of Prof. Ajani,in the past author and editor of several dedicated texts, who has invited us to the study day organized by the colleague prof. Alessandra Donati, lawyer experienced in contract law and legal issues related to contemporary art.

2016, November the 28th – Participation at the Conference “Archivi d’Artista” (prof. Alessandra Donati)

Monday, November 28th. Project MARTA participates at the conference “Archivi d’Artista”  at the University of Milano-Bicocca. The issues of common interest concerning the management, protection and promotion of the cultural heritage and the balance of an artist are at the heart of the historical debate, artistic and legal of the art world.

Project MARTA was confronted once again with the actuality of the topic, a crucial theme for artists, art historians and increasingly discussed among institutions, also through the involvement of various actors on a national and international level.

The conference gave us the opportunity to face a moment of renovation and important debate about the problems of authenticity certification of artworks, to identify guidelines and principles of best practices for the protection and enhancement of the artist and his works. With the participation of speakers of great interest and high profile, representatives of museums, legal experts of the art and international art market law, artists, foundations and artist’s archives, the conference has been a very special and valuable occasion to deepen and broaden the legal aspects related to the project.

Specifically, Project MARTA has got to broaden its ideas with Promemoria, a company developed around the idea of making use of historical archives for companies, institutions, big brands in order to turn them into digital tools of strategic and cultural innovation.

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