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Andrea Caretto e Raffaella Spagna

Andrea Caretto (Turin, 1970, degree in Natural Sciences) and Raffaella Spagna (Rivoli, 1967 Master of Architecture) conceive of art as a form of research, a free way to investigate the multiple dimensions of reality: formal and qualitative characters of matter, but also quantitative physical, philosophical and social issues, developing processes that evolve in the long run.

Whether installations, collective action, performance or sculptures, their jobs are always the result of a “relational process”, in the sense that emerge from the complex web of relationships that the authors establish with different elements (organic, inorganic, living , etc.) of the environment in which they operate.

In recent years their research has been based on the idea that the form of things can be understood as the expression of a “relational field”, manifestation of incorporated forces, with which, as artists, they intend to confront. Work regularly since 2002, exhibiting in public and private institutions in Italy and abroad. Are among the founders of the association of artists “Diogenes”, which, among other activities, promotes international artist residency “Diogenes Bivaccourbano” – www.progettodiogene.eu

Also cooperate with the Interuniversity Research Center IRIS (Institute for Interdisciplinary Research on Sustainability) at the University of Turin and Brescia and the Faculty of Education at the University of Turin. They live and work in Turin.

Artworks of Andrea Caretto Raffaella Spagna

Falsi Frutti

Andrea Caretto Raffaella Spagna


Andrea Caretto Raffaella Spagna

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