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Maura Banfo

Maura Banfo (1969) lives and works in Turin, where – at the end of the nineties – she began a researchwith, with photo and video as predominant language, mixed with experiments ranging from installation to sculpture and drawing.

Although she is born as a sculptor, more passionate on the power of matter than the painting, and even despite the long period assisting another italian sculptor, Luigi Mainolfi, Maura has found its media in photography, carrying her three-dimensional view in the photographic space and in the print type.
Her images are evocative, known for their ability to tell short stories in which objects are silent witnesses of what is or has been. This rule recognizes that a pipe dream becomes an exciting dive into the mystery of form.
A collection of work by emotions and feelings in the form of long writings, shots and drawings, then processed and translated into artwork by very direct poetry, in which the audience can identify with and find a private meaning.

Maura Banfo’s artworks have been exhibited at numerous solo and group exhibitions in Italy and abroad, including Palazzo Birago (Turin), Castello di Rivara Paludetto Foundation (Turin), Alessandro Bagnai Gallery (Florence), Palazzo Bricherasio (Torino ), Body 6 Galerie (Berlin), Ferrero Foundation (Alba), the Triennale Bovisa (Milan), Ateliers d’artistes (Marseilles), AP4-ART Gallery (Geneva), Arco (Madrid). Among the holdings of Banfo, in 2012 at the International Television Festival in Shanghai, in 2010 in New York for the Polaroid AIPAD project.

Artworks of Maura Banfo

Gita al faro

Maura Banfo

Il tempo dei luoghi

Maura Banfo

Travelling home

Maura Banfo

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